No more tears

Just when I thought I had figured out how to take care of my car. (gas, oil change, tire pressure, water, air filter, etc.) You know, basic "girl car knowledge". I was to keep my husband company while he replaced the water pump. Well, that was the hooking line, just replace the water pump.

Not quite. MiniLaunch was spread apart. We created a gasket around the cleaned water pump. We cleaned the area around the area where the gasket would be placed and carefully inserted the clean pump.

Done? well no. We then changed the conveyor belt, replaced the fan, cleaned around the area. Just in time to start raining. Thankfully it only sprinkled for a bit, so we were able to replace the radiator, the attach the motor mount, fill the radiator and tada! star the car.

Just when I thought we were done... we had to wait until the water boiled, to replace the cap and then... put the hood back on, in hopes of stoping the leak. My husband put all the wires back behind the grill and we finally had a roaring mini with no more tears.

Wow, I am amazed I can remember all these names (pat on the back)

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OAP said...

HAHAHA, you're funny. That's why I love you.
Now for everyone else reading this:

Conveyor belt: accessories belt (fan belt)
Pan looking thingy: Carburetor air cleaner
Motor mount: engine steady (dog bone) bar

We did have fun though :)