Overhaul 1

So this is Mini Launch,
We have been through a lot in the 4 months we have been together.

Anyways, pictures, we all love them:

When we got it

Few weeks after

Around town

Some bearings, brakes and suspension work was done, no pics.

Dec 21, radiator blown... what the... lets get started

Dirty eh?

Mini with a/c

And tah dah!

Meh, just kidding. This is my mates engine getting finished.

Anyways, out the engine came...

I was happy to see that head gasket was mint, don´t know why but it was a happy moment. Now laugh, notice the carbon build up

Couple of notes here: This much carbon build up can be credited to a master cylinder failure, break fluid going up the vac assist, which also caused tons and tons of oil leaks.

More to come