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Days come and go, and I keep thinking turbo, and the voices in my head go in sync "turbo, turbo, turbo" with a sort of echo to it. I can't stand it anymore, I must boost.

I'll take this project very slowly and build everything first, and when all is ready, install and bolt on to minimize downtime.

I have done a DYI turbo before, but there were a whole different set of rules; I had a $1200 budget, EFI and tons of scrapyards to snatch things from. This gave me 13.4sec 1/4 mile, and about 40k miles of fun without any mayor engine problems.

Now we have, a car half the size and carbureted, no accessible scrapyards but I do have access to a nice garage so $$$/per work hour will be very very low, and of course top notch craftsmanship!

So let's up the ante, cut the budget in half, I say: $600! Yeah it's mad but read on.

I know the engine will probably handle about 15psi or so, but I'll be aiming for 8psi for a start, maybe 10psi on the odd night.

Let's see what we have/need:

Engine: DONE, no need to spend more money in this area.
Freshly rebuilt, nicely broken in, about 7.200RPM red line (I don't dare take it past that)
1030cc, 8.3:1 CR (you can tell this was the plan all along -insert evil laugh-), mildly ported head, bullet-nosed valve guides, 276 cam, uprated differential pin.

Turbo: FREE
Used T25/T28 with flanges

Carburetor: FREE
HIFF 38, needs rebuilding and pressure proofing.

Fuel pump: DONE
FACET Solid state, installed when rebuilding the engine.
Return line also installed.

Rising rate FPR: $40

Plenum chamber: BsF 200 - about $60
SS or aluminum, haven’t decided.

IN - Piping: BsF 200 - about $60
2" aluminum all around

BOV: $70
Although I was offered a used dump valve, guess what, for FREE!
This is a very considerable option, and it has a recycling setup, very well for a stealth project. However I do enjoy the sound of the open air BOV.

Turbo EX Manifold + downpipe: BsF 200 - about $45
DYI job. I get to polish my recently learned welding skills.
The manifold will be as small as possible that way there is no need for mods to the bulkhead.
I'll need to modify the engine steadies or "dog-bones" to allow me to tilt the engine a bit forward. Maybe add an extra one lower on the radiator side.

Exhaust: FREE + some clamps.
Single box straight through.
2" Recycled SS piping + high temp paint. You'll never know the difference.

That will take a good chunk out of my budget. I must keep on searching for bargains.
Still need a wideband AF to help me profile the carb needle and of course a boost gauge.
An intercooler is also on the list but I might be getting a used one, if it's free then well, we're still on budget, hehe
I also need oil supply and drain lines; we will see how we figure that one out.

A good list of things have to be taken into account so if I forgot something then I better hope is not the expensive ones.

Expected finish date: 04/04/09 hehe just in case.
HP aim: 95 - 100 @ the flywheel. A bit conservative I know.

100 hp will make a whooping 140 hp-per-ton.
See ya corsas and other small road animals.

Comments are welcome, as well as donations and used parts.

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