it's always been about the rallies


Do we really know how to drive? how does IT drive?. lol. check out those STIs beasts. nice. the (due) respect to those EVO9s. An the X10 undestimaded sedan. previous STIs. drool. rally cars truly. But perhaps those AWDs, moms and dads... had something to say.

Or perhaps yeah, im just a crazy GTfour digger.

That front to back balance / power at the rear / power / accelaration / drivability. traction. + TRACTION. nice. "Show me how a machine can go sideways and i'll make it accelate fast enough to make ya wanna drive it harder.
damn japanes. crazy f-ers.

As a previous owner of an 89 3S-GTE turbo-transplant-daily-driver. imma tell you. when you feel those 16Vs taking it in. They go alright.

check out this link. the first video.
you know, the one that says pure engine sounds. props to the camara work.
TIP. if you mute the 2nd. y'all will enjoy it much more lol.


Everything's always had a begining!

Quattros. Audi. ye. bring me AWD.
Dont mention those infamus... RWD out of the picture? nah. those escorts and not just the RS2000s but the XR3i with a whooping... 100 / 125HP? they knew shorter wheelbase was the way foward. 205 pugs and what not.


Hop to the near-90s / bit past 90s. there was, celicas. 16v turbo GTfour.

Ye. celicas. a tad-long coupe, shadow-ed by its muscle brother supra. [I did say muscle, but thats a diffent chat]
THEY were something.

Another porn moment.