Bounce, Bang!

So it has been a couple of months of joyful mini'ing... really... despite a couple of small problems and a blown headgasket but hey, it's a mini after all.

It's all hard work to get it at near perfect condition.

The story is; coming home late at night, took a dip on the road a little faster than usual (really it wasn't faster but let's blame it on speed) and now my rear is sunk. It seems the rear subframe has misaligned itself...

It's crabbing... (whatever that is)

Explained like this:

(Please excuse, it´s not my picture but it is was late at night, apologies)

I have exagerated a bit on the graphics, but thats basically the idea.
The right side tire rubs on the inside at the rear of the wheel-well (boot side)

The left side seems to have it´s normal height, but the right side has dropped a bit, however not enough to rub at the top of the wheel well (arch)

Good thing this happened just a couple of blocks from my house, so i drove it very slowly and noticed it pulls a lot to the left.

Poor Imaginativa! had to follow me on foot (kisses)

Well, I'll have more on this when I find out what the damage is.