Hit the crab with a stick!

It’s always easy to blame stuff and to jump into conclusions.

I had started to think that either the rear subframe mounts had gone kaput or that I had bent/cracked the right side trail arm. The later being the most logical as per the situation. So I called up a friend to whom I had sold, yeah you guessed it, a pair of spanking new trails arms, ha!, ain’t life a female dog?

I almost paid him twice of what he had bought them for (from me non-the-less)!

Moraleja: Do not take wild guesses!!

To cap this off; investigating on the matter we found:

The situation is that the pivot shaft on the right side had snapped on the inner side of the trail arm.

Confusing? Not really, a shaft goes through the trail arm at one end to make it pivot with the suspension.

Apparently due to a poor previous installation (don't we all love previous owners?) it was left loose on one end and along with the weight and side forces (hitting a dip a high speed) caused it to break

And guess what, the trail arms are ok which is really good news.

So a pair of these kits is in order:

Might as well do the other side while I'm at it.

It seems the trail arm needle bearings are always a concern so I'm glad they come in the kit too.

I'm actually considering taking the whole rear subframe off and giving it a once over.

We shall see…