Useful info

Hmm I had thought about posting this for a while but never came around to it so here it is, at last.

Ever gone to the store and wondered: "hmm I wish I remembered that part # now..."
Well it's happened to me a few times when planning my routine maintenance.

This applies to mini cords (91-95), but not exclusively, so do your own research.

Oil Filter, spin on type:
FRAM: PH3616
WIX: 51348
MILLARD: ML-3614 (personal favorite)

Spark Plugs:
NGK: BP6ES (the one and only favorite)

If you have electronic ignition you may want to choose the BPR6ES. These have a resistor. However on my electronic ignition setup I have never experienced interference on the non-radio Amp+iPod sound system (ya! lol).

CHAMPION: N9YC (not bad but not NGK)
CHAMPION: C57 (race use)

ACDelco: 131-73

This I use due to the lack of mini specialist in Venezuela. It has the same diameter, rated temp and is also available everywhere.

Air Filter, HS4 only:
K&N: E-2601 Replacement for air cleaner housing
K&N: 56-9320 Cone Filter

It's been proven that the best option (performance wise) is to use the replacement filter inside the original housing with slight modifications (few holes here and there, make sure you drill on the outside of the filter location!). The cone filter goes best for aesthetics with some compromise on gains. Anyways we're not discussing performance this time, because I could argue that cone+stub stack could mean looks=/+power...

So really what are you after?

I couldn't imagine anyone still using paper filters and I don't have part numbers.
Might add them later.

Accessories Belt, Air Conditioning models only (BA):
BANDO: 40430