A few more mods

Right, it´s been a long time since i done something worth mentioning to mini launch. The turbo project has been put in the back burner.

This month I had some surplus parts from a few orders, that and some free time and this is how he ended up :)

The part list was:
AAA neddle
RamFlo airfilter
K&N stub stack
Maniflow LCB
Payen head job gaskets
DEI exhaust wrap left-over

A few mins of boredom and we had this:

A couple couple of days of grinding away, we had this:

I went the extra mile and ported the stubstack + filter + carb + spacer + intake manifold all mounted together including gaskets.

Now remember those ally rads I had mentioned, we mounted one too. All marked by our own brand and serial # included.

Some cleaning and de-coking and we were ready to bolt on. I even used some of the wrap on the fuel line:

Took my time polishing the dashpot and it ended up looking like this: